Annual Meeting – Barcelona

Hosted by UOC in Barcelona

21 May 2016

Attendants: Christophe Geiger, Lionel Bently, Marie-Christine Janssens, Ole-Andreas Rognstad, Alain Strowel, Raquel Xalabarder, Martin Kretschmer, Valérie-Laure Benabou, Estelle Derclaye, Séverine Dusollier, Thomas Dreier, Graeme Dinwoodie, Jonathan Griffiths, Reto Hilty, Bernt Hugenholtz, Axel Metzger.

Could not attend: Marco Ricolfi, Michel Vivant, Alex Peukert, Martin Senftleben, Robert Clark.


  1. Report on past ECS activities
  2. Barcelona conference, 20 May 2016
  3. Governance and membership
  4. Communication: Website, logo 
  5. Workplan: current and future papers
  6. Next meeting and conference