The European Copyright Society has 21 members. From these, a Chair is appointed on an annual basis, and an executive committee is constituted  comprising a Chair, the past Chair, and Chair-elect.

Bernt Valerie-Laure séverine Conf 10years Dir2001
Prof Dusollier (centre, at the CRIDS-IVIR conference in 2012) will be the Chair of ECS from May 2016-17.

The Society meets annually in person to establish a work-programme. The Society seeks to influence ongoing developments in legislation and jurisprudence, as well as to issue opinions on the longer term development of European copyright law.

Topics are assigned to ad-hoc committees which develop and draft each opinion and circulate it amongst the members for comment and signature. If more than half the members sign the Opinion, it has the status of an ECS opinion.

The ECS at work in Barcelona, 2016.